Get started with Jupyter Notebook

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Jupyter Notebook Python Programming

Jupyter Notebook is an easy way to get started with Python programming. With the help of Jupyter Notebook you can code directly in your internet browser.

How do I get started with programming in Python?

It’s easy to get started with programming in Python. All you have to do is download Python’s source code and installer. Additionally, you need something to program in, a so-called compiler. To get started quickly and easily, we use Jupyter Notebook which allows you to code directly in your browser. Jupyter Notebook makes it easy to test our examples and for you to try on your own!

 Jupyter Notebook makes it easy to test our examples and for you to try on your own!

How do I download Python?

In order to start programming, we first need to download Python. This can be done at, for example, Anaconda.

  • Select the operating system you are using ( Mac, Windows, etc)
  • Download the latest version of Python.
  • Run the installation and wait for it to finish. Should look something like this:
anaconda install python programming

Anaconda also offers a navigator, so that easily can start your notebook.

  • Open the Anaconda-Navigator program
  • Select Launch under Jupyter Notebook
Launch anaconda install python programming

You will now see an interface for all of your files

Files anaconda install python programming
  • Select a folder where you want to save your Python files.
  • Press New
  • Press Python 3

Now you have started a Jupyter Notebook! Now we are ready to write our first program

Start anaconda install python programming

FAQ: Jupyter Notebook

What is Jupyter Notebook?

With Jupyter Notebook, you can write code directly in the internet browser, which means that you can quickly and easily get started programming. It is easy to create an overviewof your code and document the different actions and steps that the program has.

Why use Jupyter Notebook?

Since you can run the code “cell by cell”, it is easy to track what the program is doing and when. Therefore, making it an excellent choice for beginners that are learning how to code in Python

Is Jupyter Notebook free?

Yes! Jupyter is a free, open-source, interactive web tool