Multidimensional array in Python

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A multidimensional array in Python consisting of two dimensions can be interpreted as a grid. Three dimensions are like a cube and more than three dimensions are difficult to illustrate. 

What is a multidimensional array in Python?

In Python, it is possible to create an array in several, what is described as, dimensions. We considered a Array as lists of values. Similarly, we can see a Multidimensional Array in two dimensions as a grid (matrices with rows and columns) and for anMultidimensional Array with three dimensions as a block / cube. This means that we get more indexes and it is usually described as list by list, which means that the rows can have different lengths.

Create multidimensional array in Python

We declare a multidimensional array similarly to one-dimensional arrays.

twoField = [[value1, value2, value3 so on..],   # Row 1
             value4, value5, value6 so on..]]   # Row 2

Let’s add some values to our twoField array that we saw in the image in the begging of this page – to make it i bit more clear how it works

twoField = [[2, 98, 36],  # Row 1
            [15, 4, 57],  # Row 2
            [22, 0, 82],  # Row 3
            [22, 55, 8]]  # Row 4

If we put the numbers in our image it becomes

Similarly, we can create an array of three dimensions that can be likened to a cube and an array of higher dimensions than is understandably difficult to illustrate in the image. For more information about the Multidimensional Array we recommend the Python Docs website